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Few people think of fishing when they think of a business trip, but consider this: You can spend thousands of dollars sending your best people to a motivational seminar yet when they get back they are not any different.  When was the last time you heard someone say "Wow, that point about increasing ROI was awesome. Can you believe we might have missed that!?"


Now think about this.


What if you took your staff out to the west coast of beautiful Vancouver Island for a day or two of sport fishing! You will probably find those Monday morning blues have gone and the relationships between co-workers have improved. A corporate fishing trip to Tyee Resort and Fishing Lodge will bring your sales/service team, engineering department, production group or office staff closer together as a team.


For less, possibly, than an almost totally ineffectual seminar, this trip will give them a much needed "boost" from the weekly routine. What might this trip provide?


So, bring your staff and have a great relationship-building and enjoyable time sport fishing. Hopefully, you will become one of our regular corporate group visitors and your staff will be working hard to make sure they get a return visit!.


Don't forget, leave your business suits at home!


Here are some photos taken during various corporate fishing trips.


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Corporate group



Corporate Group



Corporate Group



Corporate Tee-Shirts



Corporate Group



Corporate Group



Corporate group on deck



Corporate Group